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"Finding Your Tribe!"

As part of our second "TAKE ACTION" web series, special presenter Effua McGowan presented an amazing workshop about finding your tribe and building your own personal board of directors to guide an support you as you do the work to transform some area of your life. Attached here is a copy of her PowerPoint presentation. You will also find a copy of an activity worksheet she provided entitled, "Minding My Own Business." You may use this worksheet to start thinking through who should be on your own personal board of directors!

For details about how to contact Effua or learn more about the August 9 launch of her new e-book about leadership, call Effua at the phone number in her presentation, go to or contact Matteel for more information.

Finding Your Tribe - 2020
Download PPTX • 1.61MB

Minding My Own Business - Personal Board
Download • 13KB

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